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About Us

Welcome To AI Forklift Training Ltd.

Why Our Online Forklift Training Service Is The Best In The USA.

Being one of the best Forklift Training and Licensing company, we offer a wide variety of Forklift Training and Certification courses that will help you improve your workplace safety when it comes to forklift training.

Having been trained by the best means you understand the importance of being a safe and competent forklift operator increasing your chances of getting that dream job.

Here at AI Forklift Training, we understand how important safety is when it comes to operating a forklift. That is why our online training courses are thorough and covers everything you need to know about how to operate a forklift making you a competent forklift operator.

Our OSHA Training Covers all aspects Of Forklift Operations.

We provide proper instructions with OSHA based training on how to inspect your forklift and recognize any hazards or defects. Topics of interest covered is forklift maintenance and inspections, correct loading and unloading, Stability principals, pre-inspections and much much more.

With our comprehensive online forklift training course, you will not only be a safe driver but a well informed one.

Online Training Methods and Technology

Here at AI Forklift Training, we use the most up-to-date training courses that are all OSHA approved so you know you are getting the best training available.

After completing our online training courses, you will be more informed and ready for any job that you are applying for. After completing the Online training, you will be able to print off your forklift license and certificate of completion to proudly display.

Online Training is Completely Flexible to your Schedule.

At AI Forklift Training we understand that you are busy and that sometimes you do not have the time to attend a training school to get your forklift license.

With our online training you can work at your schedule using any device, desktop computer, phone or iPad. Online training is available were ever you are making it more convenient to complete your training.

The Best Online Forklift Prices

We offer great low prices for all our online training courses all across the great USA. Our prices are among the cheapest in the USA but that does not mean we have cheap forklift training. Rest assured you are getting the best OSHA training at great prices.

What You Will Receive Upon Completing the Online Forklift Training Course.

At AI Forklift Training we understand the importance of having a recognized certificate of completion. When you have completed the online training course you will be able to print off your certificate of completion to proudly display.

Our certificate will serve as proof of your competency and knowledge when it comes to safe and proper forklift operation.

After completion of the online training, you will also be able to print off your forklift license. The online forklift license is valid for 3 years.


Training is an important part of your success when applying for a forklift operator position. We welcome you to our online forklift training courses and wish you all the success in your future endeavours. Our journey does not end here as we are available to answer your questions during and after your training. We are available on social media platforms as well as  by text, email, phone or by using the Contact an Expert form at the bottom of our webpage.

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